Bronze beim Craft Spirits Festival in Berlin 2018!

Bronze at the Craft Spirits Festival in Berlin 2018!

Craft spirits are handcrafted spirits made from natural ingredients. With heart and soul, as the saying goes – and with a regional connection. Quite the opposite of industrial production, like the big ones do. And, of course, every scene also needs its appropriate trade fair. But because the trade fair sounds rather tacky and not very hip, it's called a festival here - the Craft Spirits Festival in Berlin . Wow, that bangs. Not only did the organizers think so, but also tons of spirits lovers, who set new visitor records every year and made the event what it is today in just a few years: just awesome.
And as if that weren't awesome enough, we also won a prize, sorry, award - namely the Craft Spirits Award in bronze. We can hardly believe it and say thank you, thank you, thank you and see you next time, Craft Spirits Festival in Berlin!
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