Gin Luum im “MIXOLOGY”-Buch der 100 BESTEN GINS!

Gin Luum in the "MIXOLOGY" book of the 100 BEST GINS!

How to Drink Gin: Germany – The 100 Best Gins.

A must-have for every gin lover from Bavaria to Hamburg.
After the outstanding start of the "How to Drink" series, the long-awaited sequel follows with a view of the local gin community. What came to Germany from England a few years ago as a small scene has now fully arrived in the mainstream: the awareness and passion for good gin. Numerous manufacturers from all parts of the country prove how versatile the Germans' new favorite spirit is. As the first guide that not only takes a look at the local scene, but also explains in the proven "How to Drink" manner which gin is best suited for which drink, "How to Drink Gin: Germany" is not just that Successor to its successful predecessor, but a real asset for the local gin lover.

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