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Review by “Ginnatic.com”


“… Mild, aromatic but also very juniper-heavy are my first impressions of Gin Luum. As you would expect from a London Dry Gin, the juniper dominates very clearly. The citrus notes and the coriander support the juniper. In between you can still notice a fruity and voluminous ingredient that I unfortunately can't define more precisely..."


” … Of course, this gin is also tasted pure in order to be able to tell you exactly what taste awaits you with the Gin Luum from Münster. I pour some of the gin into my glass and feel the aromas fill my nostrils. A London Dry Gin - now you can clearly see in the nose that the aromas have a classic sense and that the gin is definitely a good choice for a gin and tonic .

The first sip rolls over my tongue. Very mild aromas – the juniper and citrus notes continue to clearly dominate. No sharpness on the tongue - the expected mildness can now also be confirmed. A very mild London Dry Gin. In addition to the two dominant notes, you also notice an aroma that I unfortunately cannot assign exactly - but I suspect that it goes in the direction of plum. However, this aroma is very passive and only forms the bridge to the juniper finish of the Gin Luum.

A very solid and mild London Dry Gin in taste that is definitely a good choice for a nice gin and tonic! …”

You can find the entire contribution to the tasting of our gin on the GINNATIC website !

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