Dry Martini

Dry Martini

About that drink
The king of cocktails! This drink even went down in film history as James Bond's favorite drink. Stirred or shaken? More vermouth or more gin? Olive or lemon twist? Every martini drinker has their own preferences, and each has its place. Since the classic dry martini lives above all from its high-quality ingredients and its clarity, you should pay attention to good quality when selecting all components. For example, only green olives without filling are suitable. And don't add the brine to the glass, otherwise the cocktail will turn into a dirty martini. 

By the way: Clear spirits should never be shaken!

• 60ml Gin Luum

• 10 – 30 ml of dry vermouth
• Ice cubes (do not strain)
• 1 olive (without filling)

• Fill a mixing glass with ice cubes

• Pour in the gin and vermouth
• Stir with a cocktail stick
• Strain into a frosted martini glass
• Finally rinse and garnish with a lemon zest

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