Gin Basil Smash

Gin Basil Smash

About that drink
The Gin Basil Smash may be over 10 years old, but is now experiencing a revival in the heyday of gin. The Hamburg bartender Jörg Meyer invented it as an answer to the various whiskey smashes. With fresh basil and lemon juice, it is wonderfully fresh and fits perfectly into summery spring days. The drink, which is easy to prepare, quickly became so popular that it is now served not only in Germany, but in bars all over the world.
• 60ml Gin Luum

• Basil leaves
• 20 ml of lemon juice
• 20 ml sugar syrup
• lots of ice cubes

• Pour the basil and simple syrup into the shaker and muddle with the pestle

• Add lemon juice, gin and ice cubes and shake vigorously
• Strain through a bar strainer and fine strainer into a tumbler with plenty of ice
• decorate with basil

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