Ginpresso Martini

Ginpresso Martini

About that drink
The famous espresso martini is a top drink and a classic Kahlua cocktail. In the London bar in 1984, it was invented by famous bartender Dick Bradsell at the request of a top model, who asked him to serve her a pick-me-up that would "break her up". The espresso martini with gin instead of vodka as a fruity variant will also catapult you to the front in an elegant way as a party starter or as a digestif! Simply add the three ingredients to a shaker with ice, shake well and strain into a chilled martini glass. Top with a burnt orange slice and serve!
• 30ml Gin Luum

• 30ml Kahlua
• 30 ml freshly brewed espresso
• roasted orange slice as a garnish

• fill the shaker with ice cubes

• add all the ingredients
• shake very vigorously and frothy for a very long time
• Strain into a martini glass
• Finally garnish with a roasted orange slice or with coffee beans

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