Klassischer Gin & Tonic

Classic Gin & Tonic

About that drink
Only two ingredients - but they have to be perfectly matched and the tonic chosen so that they complement each other and enhance the desired aroma. Since Gin Luum is a classic gin with a fine juniper note, it is advisable to choose a neutral-tasting variant of the tonic water, such as the "1724" tonic, which does not mask the aroma and citrus notes and enhances or complements the other botanicals of the gin . The Gin & Tonic gets the finishing touch with the right garnish, which can be based on the botanicals that were also used in the gin. As a Spanish variant, Gin & Tonic can also be enjoyed in a copa glass.
• 50ml Gin Luum

• 100-200ml "1724" Tonic Water
• lots of ice cubes
• Orange or lemon zest & flamed rosemary for garnish

• Fill the glass to the brim with ice cubes

• Pour the gin into the glass
• Slowly pour the tonic water into the glass so that as little carbon dioxide as possible escapes
• Stir carefully with a cocktail stick
• Put the zest of the orange or lemon in the glass
• Finally, garnish with a flamed sprig of rosemary

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