Rosemary & Limoncello Sloe Luum Sparkler

Rosemary & Limoncello Sloe Luum Sparkler

About that drink
An exciting summer cocktail with sloe luum! Sloe Luum is a classic sloe gin with 30% vol. This ruby ​​red spirit goes well with citrus fruits and is therefore also ideal with limoncello.
• 50ml Sloe Luum

• 25ml limoncello
• Soda
• 2 sprigs of rosemary, one for muddle and one for garnish

• Put the sprig of rosemary and limoncello in the shaker and muddle with the pestle

• Add ice and sloe luum and shake vigorously
• Strain into a tall glass filled with ice
• Top up with sparkling water and garnish with a sprig of rosemary

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